Get to know me

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman possessed of wit and academic qualifications must be in want of a career.

A job that will challenge her, mentors that will inspire her, and assignments that will motivate her to (im)prove her skills.

Born and raised in Delmenhorst, Germany, Andrea attended school and, at the suggestion that she seemed a little underwhelmed, completed classes at the University of Bremen whilst still in 12th grade. She went on to major in English-Speaking Cultures, with a minor in Cultural Studies, because out of German, French, Latin, and English, she knows which one she likes best. (Shh, don’t tell the others.)

Andrea finished her degree by taking a media text and analysing it within an inch of its (mostly celluloid) life. In this case, Sherlock, because it was 2013 and everyone was running circles on the spot waiting for Series 3. Andrea still does that, for target practice, it’s all on her blog. When she’s on holiday with access to a university library, she researches Women in Gothic Fiction and speed-reads a dozen papers in an afternoon.

After her BA, Andrea decided she’d do the responsible thing and get a job — having accepted an offer to work at an advertising and marketing agency in Bremen, construktiv, that’s where Andrea is now: managing SEO and online marketing projects, aligning content, optimisation needs and ideas for several national and international clients. She extended her responsibilities to onboarding and training new members of the team and conducting workshops and trainings for clients and adjacent agencies. In addition, over the past year, she’s been expanding her skills to include data visualisation and information design. Starting with Vivid Thinking and Sketchnotes, Andrea has taken up digital drawing and lettering, scribbling content page layouts and producing meeting and brainstorming Sketchnotes for clients.

When she’s not professionally tinkering with websites of various shapes and sizes, Andrea reads and writes online, both for pleasure and contributing to other projects, such as (German).